Gruppe Gut Officina di design
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ƒont - Xciaminades, 2016
GGG in the press office of the South Tyrol administration, 2015
Interactive led-panel – “cryptofont”, Franzensfeste (I), 2012
GGG in Lena's living room in the Oberpfalz
Milk seat, Ghërdeina Lat
Logo-Redesign-Movie; hds 2010
Decomposition; my BIO, 2008
Furnishings; Adel in Bayern, Hohenaschau (D), 2008
Lampshade, 5e Museum, Waidhofen/Ybbs (A), 2008
...Brad Pitt wears our Ötzi-tattoo!
Didactic installation, 5e Museum, Waidhofen/Ybbs (A), 2008
GGG Byzanz.otf-font; 2004
Cube seat, spice exhibition – Lokschuppen Rosenheim (D), 2010
Medieval garden of the Monastery of St. Gallen, spice exhibition – Lokschuppen Rosenheim (D), 2010
Schmutzfink-adhesive roll; SEAB environmental businesses
Trophies, Brocia d'or
Discussio–table, Ciaminades, Badia, 2007
Kleine Galerie/Piccola Galleria … the logo adapts to the historic walls, Bozen (I), 2002