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Client: Autonome Provinz Bozen, Amt für Naturparke, Tourismusverein Villnöß

Project: Info point „Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Info Point Zanseralm“


Amazement: There is nothing better describing the Dolomites than this feeling. Marvel at their beauty, their audacity, at a masterpiece of nature. It took 270 million years to make it. In the info point, these are passed through in fast motion - up to the present day, when the Dolomites are a "UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site". The exhibition, which entertains visitors, informs them and makes them smile, also shows what lies behind it. And of course you will be amazed.

The exhibition takes up numerous themes from the exciting geological history of the Dolomites. Plate tectonics and height differences are reflected in the wall design: stylized contour lines peppered with historical quotations cover the floors, walls and ceilings of the exhibition. An island installation brings the Dolomites into a global context and deals with the significance of Unesco. In addition, one gets an insight into the World Heritage area "Dolomites". Numerous concrete and Corten panels present the exciting history of the Dolomites in an appealing way. Touchable fossils and films round off the exhibition. Relaxed leaning back in a dolomite or quartz porphyry rucksack with an unobstructed view of the Geisler peaks finish the visit to the exhibition.


Sculpture: Childlike curiosity and the will to immerse oneself in something new are the perfect conditions for visiting the Dolomites in general and the exhibition in particular.
In addition, the fact that the Dolomites have emerged from the seabed, what could be more natural than a sculpture of a diving newborn? The work of art, created by the artist Hubert Mussner, expresses all these qualities vividly.




exhibition concept & design
graphic design

site management 

advertising design






art handling



size: 200 m2 

project time: 24 months

realization: 3 months

opening: since 07/2018


Arch. Christa Mair (Studio plan_ar), Astrid Wiedenhofer, Hans-Peter Santer, Klaus Messner (Tourismusverein Villnöß),

Tim Wehrmann (D, Illustrationen)


Fotos: Tourismusverein Villnöß