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Client: Schallaburg KulturbetriebsgesmbH, Land Niederösterreich (A)

Project: Exhibition "India of the Maharajas"

They commissioned the building of marvellous palaces and the creation of magnificent gardens; they lived amidst emeralds, rubies and diamonds. Their processions and victory parades with lavishly decorated elephants were as legendary as their court ceremonial was splendiferous. Sovereigns believed collecting treasures bore witness to the measure of their power and demonstrated their sense of beauty.

The exhibition in the Renaissance castle of Schallaburg makes the story of this extraordinary and fascinating world an experience for all senses!



concept, coordination & art direction: 3-d design, graphic design, site management, signage system, catalogue, kids-guide,
furniture, scenography, illustration, print, sound, multimedia, art handling, illumination
size: 1,300 m2
project time: 15 months
realisation: 4 months
visitors: >120,000
date: 23.03.–10.11.2013
partner: Arch. Marco Handsur (A)
curator & text: Matthias Pfaffenbichler (A)
curator: Judit Zeller/Schallaburg (A)