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Client: Lower Austria (A)

Project: Lower Austria State Exhibition "World in Motion"

Wiener Neustadt (A), April–November 2019

World in Motion
People are on the go, cities grow, history progresses …in a word: the world keeps going round and round. That is why the Lower Austria State Exhibition 2019 is dedicating two exhibition venues in the heart of Wiener Neustadt to the “World in Motion!”.

Moving worlds – yesterday, today, tomorrow
The Kasematten, a former city fortification and now a unique architectural monument, is where the history of mobility comes to life. The focus of this exhibition is the Wiener Neustadt area and the city’s relationships with the rest of the world. Multimedia presentations, fascinating objects and extraordinary biographies form the cornerstones of a time journey through the past, present and future. How will mobility shape our life in the future?


Concept, 3D design, graphic design, site management

furniture, scenography, illustration, print, models, sound, animation, art handling, illumination, signage system

size: 2.000 m2, project time: 18 months, realisation: 6 months


Birgit Schretzmayr (A), Kurt Farasin (a)
Curators: Beat Gugger (CH), Gerhard Proksch (A)

Partner: Marginter architekten (A) Benedict Marginter with Jasmin Mäser-Planinger


Land Niederösterreich (A) / Bassa Austria (A)


Photos: Klaus Pichler/, Gruppe Gut