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Cliente: Trentino Sviluppo Spa.

Progetto: Temporary exhibition „Karol Wojtyla Trentino“, Cracovia (PL)


Pope John Paul II and Trentino have always had a close friendship. As early as 2014, a photo book was published documenting the pontiff's visits to Trentino in numerous photos.
In the course of the construction of a Documentation Centre in his hometown Krakow in Poland, offered the opportunity to present this topic to a broader public.
The aim of the exhibition is to present the historical photographs in an appropriate manner, but also to underline the close connection with Trentino. Quotations and 20 displays with lenticular foils – showing historical pictures or landscape shots depending on the point of view – tell the story. The highlight is a (fictitious) boulder hovering above a mirror plate placed on the ground, with the inscription "Faith can move mountains".



exhibition concept & design

graphic design

site management 







size: 392 m2

project time: 12 months

realization: 3 months

objects: 3 objects + rock + ca. 20 fotos + 5 film

opening: autumn 2018


Monica Armani (architecture), Siiri Eydner (curator), Claudio Marconi (wood works, construction management), Daniele Benedetti & Fabrizio Daicampi (Trentino Sviluppo)


Fotos: Trentino Sviluppo