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Client: Municipality Steinhaus, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina (I)

Project: Göge – Scoops for the Gods, Steinhaus, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina (I)


© Paul S. Feichter

“‘Scoops for the Gods – an Iron Age votive pyre site in an alpine bog’”

 The discovery of the prehistoric wooden scoops and ladles at Schöllberg-Göge in the Weissenbach Valley at 2,197 m above sea level was an archaeological sensation. The objects were made for single use, for each votive pyre, and then thrown into the bog.

From October 2015 ‘Scoops for the Gods’ will be on display in a specially designed exhibition room in the Pfisterhaus at Steinhaus. Admission free.


Exceptional finds from a bog

Years ago Joseph Ausserhofer, a cheesemaker, found various wooden scoops in a bog near Schöllberg-Göge in the Weissenbach valley. The scientific and cultural importance of these finds was such that systematic archaeological investigations were carried out in 2008 and 2009.

In total around 150 scoops and ladles were excavated, dating to the period between 900 and 500 BC. At that time the farmers who lived in the valleys below brought their livestock up to the high altitude pastures in early summer. Every year they performed religious rites with votive pyres on the knoll in the middle of the bog on Göge Alm in order to secure the good will of the Gods. After the ceremony the wooden scoops were deposited in the bog at the same spot, to consecrate them to the Gods for ever.

The finds from Göge Alm are on display in the Pfisterhaus where the excavation, conservation, dating and scientific analyses are explained in greater detail. Other objects on display tell the story of the Ahrn Valley from the end of the Ice Age to the Roman period.





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size: 70 m2
project time: 9 months
realisation: 3 months
objects: 30+30
opening: autumn 2015

Ufficio Beni Archeologici, Hubert Steiner

P. S. Feichter (basket installation)

Municipality Steinhaus, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina (I)


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