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Client: Museum of Nature South Tyrol

Project: Temporary exhibition „Metamorphosis“


Fine, hairy feelers that seem to protrude from the paintings, facet eyes, bristles and claws, enlarged up to 600 times: They look like beings from another world, the main actors of the new special exhibition "Metamorphosis" in the Museum of Nature South Tyrol in Bolzano. Insects can be seen in 20 large-format double portraits, first as larvae and then as adult animals. The pictures by the biologist Nicole Ottawa and the photographer Oliver Meckes, both from Germany, open the view into a completely hidden world under the electron microscope and thematize the phenomenon of metamorphosis, i.e. the path from larva to sexually mature animal.

In order to be able to establish the connection between these electron microscope photos and the effective animals, poplar panels have been fitted with viewing windows that correspond to the silhouette of the animal's respective stage of development. If you look through these windows, you will see the gigantically enlarged microscope photos. In front of them, the original, prepared "photo models" are presented in small spherical showcases. The exhibition is accompanied by easily understandable texts in the "I-form", which make you smile.





exhibition concept & design

graphic design

site management 

advertising design






art handling



size: 160 m2 

project time: 4 months

realization: 2 months

objects: 20

photos: 20

opening: 13.03. – 16.09.2018


Monika Lindner, Ottmar Calliari


Fotos: Luca Guadagnini - Lineematiche